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Where Does Your Mindset Come From?

by Keri Roberts in Mindset
August 17, 2020 0 comments

Keri: Hi podcast listeners. This is our work on me weekend segment posted every single Friday. These are thoughts, questions, or assignments I've done for myself and found helpful along the way, sort of brings you value. That is always an added bonus. Today's episode is a snippet from a recent podcast interview that I did. And the host asked me from doing this show for so long, from talking to psychologists, I'm talking to a variety of people. What makes a great mindset. And you'll hear me answer in this little snippet about where our mindset comes from and how we can be a little bit more extraordinary with our mindset. Enjoy it's time to start being your extraordinary self and living a life that makes you happy each week. You'll hear stories of inspiration conversations to improve your mindset and actionable tips. You can take to live an extraordinary life because you matter I'm Keri Roberts and this is ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Keri: You know, I've been thinking about this for a long time. And I think about where does mindset come from first off? So we have to look at that. Most of people, most of our mindset comes from how we were raised. So how we were brought up from our parents, if we didn't live with our parents, whoever we lived with, that's a lot of where our mindset comes from are our immediate family. Then it also comes from culture. So culture, meaning what time period were you born in? What economic status were you in? It could be what race you were in, what was kind of going on culturally, around you, you know, people who are in their twenties are going to have a different mindset than people in their fifties. A lot of times, because of the cultural component, um, the other piece then becomes later in life, the experiences you have in life.

Keri: So, were you married? Did you have kids? Did you lose someone? Did you have a job and lose all the money? Did you make a ton of money? You know, all of those experiences make a difference. And then the other part is what is the content you're consuming? What are you watching? What are you reading? What are you listening to? So that's, if that's what forms our mindset in the beginning, we then have to figure out, well, we've got to change all those things. And when I think about it, you know, we can only change if we want to change. So nobody's going to change their mindset if they don't want to. And we see that a lot. We see that a lot in politics. People are like, that's how I am. I'm not changing. That's fine. If that person is happy, the way they are, we can't change anyone.

Keri: We can only change ourselves. So we start looking at, okay, how do I change my mindset? What we talk about, how we were brought up in parenting, past experiences, culture. That's where I usually will tell people a therapist or psychologist can be really helpful. It's someone who's sitting with you and getting you to figure out what happened. Why did it happen? Why does it upset you? How can we kind of create these new concepts then you're really looking at, okay, how do I surround myself with the right people, right? Who do I need to let go of? Who do I need to add in, for some people I've talked to kids, you know, teenagers, and they're just not in a great home. And so they don't have the choice to leave. And so this is where the content piece becomes really special and why I love podcasting, right?

Keri: You can put someone else in your ear and listen to them and listen to who you want to be. And the information you want, even if the people around you are not. So it always goes back to, okay, how do I deal with some of the past issues? I've had the cultural issues I've had? How do I create, you know, new experiences with new people? And then how do I inhale positivity? As I like to say, you know, I'm really get the right content. What am I watching at the end of my day? Do I need to stop watching news? Do I need to read new books? Do I need to listen to podcasts? Whatever it is. And those are the tools that start to change the mindset little by little, every single day.

Keri: Thank you so much for listening to ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. If you'd like to be a part of my community, please join my email list to receive positivity in your inbox and updates on the podcast, as well as some other fun things. By going to podcast that's podcast,, and always remember that, yes, you matter, you are an extraordinary person and that your life should be an extraordinary one. Doing the things you love most and spending time with who you enjoy most.

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