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Sponsorship Options

Leadership and Education Package

(3 month commitment)

Every business wants to be seen as the innovative leader in their market. However, businesses can’t speak for themselves. Only the people who make up the company can communicate that message, which is why podcasting is the perfect medium for teaching people about your company! 

The Business Sponsorship package allows influential team members from the sponsor business to showcase how their company is making the world a more extraordinary place. 

These episodes allow organizational leaders to sit down with me to share with my audience new ways of thinking about a given topic that relate to their industry. In each of these episodes, guests get the chance to educate listeners on how their company is revolutionizing their market, by providing actionable ideas and stimulating conversation that inspires continued discourse on topics that are important to their company, and the listeners of the Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things podcast.

Paramount to any company’s success are the ideologies and philosophies that helped them to grow. Typically, it takes people multiple encounters before they fully understand a given topic. It is for that reason that I’ve created this package to help businesses get the most value possible, and have the best shot of reaching new potential audience members.  

This package is special because it allows a company to sponsor three distinct episodes on three separate topics that are all under the same general theme. This lets the audience get a much deeper brand indoctrination than a single episode can allow. Business sponsors can also choose to offer a three-part series on one topic in order to really expand the listener’s knowledge on a given subject. 

This is a great option for a business who wants to use these evergreen episodes to win over new clients and potential prospects by showcasing their expertise. It makes it very attractive when all of the information is neatly packaged in three monthly podcast episodes that can be pinned as posts at the top of social media profiles, or prominently displayed as a link on your website to catch new visitors up to speed. 

Each business sponsor can elect one guest to do all three episodes or three different guests to discuss each topic. This allows ample room for creativity, insight, and education–all hallmarks of the Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Podcast. 

Here is a sample breakdown of how these episodes could be conducted. 

-Mid August Video, End of August Audio Version

-Mid September Video, End of September Audio Version

-Mid October Video, End of October Audio Version

This package gives enhanced access to my community who watch and listen on a consistent basis. My hope with this package is to create more brand awareness for the sponsor business as well as to provide them with the ability to promote any offerings at the end of each episode to increase conversion.

This includes:

  • (3) LIVE video interviews that are streamed to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • (1) Youtube evergreen post.
  • (3) One Video Clip Made with Text for each interview.
  • (1) Video Clip Posted to LinkedIn with a Written Post on my personal page and tag of your company and person featured (the host’s choice of the three.)
  • (3) Your LIVE video interview edited and uploaded to the audio podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, etc. and on my website and posted on the Podcast Facebook page.
  • (3) IG Story Posts and (3) Facebook Posts with a graphic and link to audio version of the podcast.
  • Downloaded all 3 mp4 Full Videos, Clips, Images and embedded audio codes of podcast for your website sent to you to use as content as you’d like.
  • Moved towards the front of the line of production in the next available spot. 
  • My coaching to help make sure your episodes showcase your company in the best light and provide the best content to the audience. 
  • The video and audio stay on the platforms to be heard and seen in the future and act as evergreen content.
  • NEW! Your episode will also be included in the Extraordinary Mindset voice skill on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant that allows people to search for content in categories from the show.
  • I will also provide you with the data every month from the prior month including all of the following to track your metrics:
    • Number of Pieces of Content Generated (Video/Audio)
    • Number of Social Posts Generated
    • Social Reach
    • Estimated Impressions
    • Engagements
    • Likes
    • Shares/Retweets
    • Podcast Audio Downloads for Each Episode

Total Investment: $4,500 (3 month commitment) or $1,500 paid per month

*Can commit to more than 3 months.

Add Ons:

  • (1) Video Clip Made with Text $95
  • (1) Video Clip & Posted to LinkedIn with a Written Post on Keri’s personal page $285
  • (1) Person from your company as part of a panel discussion on the Connected Conversations series (includes LIVE video, audio, LIVE image, podcast image, promotion on social) $395
  • (1) 30 second ad at the beginning or end of (1) of your audio podcast episodes and a mention at the start of your LIVE podcasts $300
  • Coming Soon: Email List sent out weekly to subscribers. 

Contact to learn more.