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I help Entrepreneurs, Authors and Coaches build their brand awareness through podcasting.

Be a part of my show Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things or we can chat about custom consulting options for your business.

Why Should I Pay to Be Featured on a Podcast?

In the past few years podcasting has become the single most effective platform for entrepreneurs, authors, and coaches to spread awareness about their authentic message. Now more than ever before, experts are turning to the microphone to broadcast their expertise and build online communities of raving fans to expand their brands. 

Forbes has estimated that in 2020 there are more than 800,000 active podcasts in existence today! With all of that competition, it can be a daunting, uphill battle to try to leverage that power for yourself by starting your own podcast. Instead, the easiest way to have the power of a platform at your disposal is to be featured as a guest on a podcast that already has a substantial following.

As an early adopter to the podcasting movement and a grass-roots community builder, I’ve worked incredibly hard for more than half a decade to establish a following for my brand to promote positive stories. One of my greatest joys in life is being able to help amazing experts and coaches find like-minded audience members. My biggest passion is connecting people, and helping aspiring experts to soak up the spotlight for themselves. 

That’s why I’m incredibly excited to offer you the chance to be featured on the Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Podcast by offering two distinct packages for Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Authors to share their stories and grow their tribes on my podcast.   

Over the past five and a half years, the Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Podcast has hosted some of the world’s most prominent experts, and created a vessel for successful brands and the multi-faceted experts behind them to share their work with my followers. 

As the show has grown in popularity, the demand to be featured on the show has outgrown the number of available weekly slots. In order to provide state-of-the-art studio production quality and host world-class guests, I’m offering a select number of people the chance to be featured on my platform at a special introductory rate.

Why You Need A Platform to Share Your Message:

Platforms are how ordinary people build extraordinary business results. Being featured on a podcast with a large following base and telling your story is an intimate, human experience that allows you to connect with your ideal target audience both in real-time AND for years to come. 

Unlike a radio interview that is only broadcast once LIVE on air, our work together will give you a showcase interview that allows you to share all of who you are over a long form conversation, that is evergreen and available for download for years to come. Meaning, that people all around the world who have never even heard of you before will be able to get to know you as if they were sitting right there in the room with us. 

This is worth more than a year’s worth of blogs, dozens of email newsletters, or even several chapters out of a book. Having an intimate conversation allows you to respond to potential objections and criticisms head-on and answer your audience’s most pressing questions in a eloquent and thoughtful manner. 


Tell Your Story to Connect with Your Ideal Audience Package

How It Works

Let’s face it: quick sales pitches and gimmicky online ads don’t move the needle on your business. Instead, they can repel other authentic prospects looking to join your tribe. This package focuses on adding value to your business, by giving you everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. 

Sales should be easy and natural–just like having an honest conversation with a friend! That’s the beauty of this offering, and why this package is so powerful at helping you to foster a sense of community with eager listeners you’ve never even met. 

This package offers you the chance to share your story with the world in a comprehensive 20-55 minute interview. During the interview I will ask pointed questions that help shed light on your journey of personal growth and self-discovery in order to inspire and uplift your audience. 

We will sit down together to discuss your hero’s journey. Chronicling the hardships, obstacles, victories, and discoveries along the way that have led to your success. Growth is a process, and in order for your audience to empathize with you it is important to capture as many of the milestones along the way as you feel comfortable sharing. 

Don’t worry I’ve conducted over 700+ podcast interviews, so you can feel confident that the interview will follow a natural, conversational progression. That way, it follows a natural progression that leaves your audience wanting to learn more about you as the next logical step!

Why I Believe this Package Will Work For You

I believe we all need a little inspiration in our life. With news cameras constantly spotlighting the negative side of world news, I believe in turning the lens to shine a light on how ordinary people are impacting the world around them in service to themselves, their communities, and the world at-large. 

As a self-proclaimed community builder and connection junkie, I love helping my guests dive deeper into who they are by telling their true personal stories in a way that creates heartfelt connection and stirs new creative exploration. My signature interview style provides a great way to gain personal brand awareness and create excellent content on the subject of personal growth and mindset.  

In addition to the interview, this package includes everything that you need to attract your ideal audience including all of the following bonuses to help you create a stellar brandable podcast interview that will attract more customers and clients to your business for years to come: 

  • (1) LIVE video interview that is streamed to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube (which also stays up as a post to share as well).
  • (1) Your LIVE video interview edited and uploaded to the audio podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, etc. and on the podcast Facebook page.
  • (1) IG Story Post and (1) Facebook Page Post with a graphic and link to audio version of the podcast.
  • Downloadable mp4 Full Video, LIVE image, podcast Image and embedded audio code of your podcast episode for your website sent to you to use as you wish.
  • Keri’s coaching to help make sure the episode showcases the guest in the best light and provides the best content to the audience. 
  • The video and audio stay on the platforms to be heard and seen in the future and act as evergreen content.

Total Investment: $300

*Limited to 1x

Add Ons:

  • (1) Video Clip Made with Text $95
  • (1) Video Clip & Posted to LinkedIn with a Written Post on Keri’s Linkedin feed $285
  • Moved towards the front of the line of production in the next available spot.  $180

Leadership and Education Package

Inspiration is the spark that piques curiosity. In these fast-paced and entertaining “fireside chats” I help you to break down your knowledge and distill it into accessible bite-size chunks for my audience. My podcast listeners love to grow their knowledge base and expand their mindset on a weekly basis. 

In fact, over the past 5.5 years, I’ve found that more than anything else, my listeners really enjoy topics and conversations that stimulate their minds and push them to explore and grow in new areas. I treat every one of my audience members as multi-faceted humans who are looking to push the boundaries on what they can accomplish and achieve. Your role is to help them expand beyond what they thought was possible before they encountered your teaching.

As an influencer, expert, and leader you already know that learning is the cornerstone of building any online community. Passing down information to your audience is the most effective way to facilitate authentic relationships. 

Shared learning experiences are one of the most powerful ways to foster and instill a sense of community–even if your community members are thousands of miles apart. If my experience has taught me anything it is that people who learn together, grow together. That is the inspiration behind my podcast, and the reason that I love what I do! 

As a leader, providing clear, cohesive education is one of the best ways to engage with your following. When you can provide listeners with actionable knowledge, it increases the likelihood that they will develop a rapport and trust you—which as you already know–leads to more sales for your online courses, physical products, in-person seminars, as well as your published books. 

Besides just being inspired, the second piece of being extraordinary is having a strong positive mindset. This takes time to achieve, and every expert approaches this a little differently. This variety is one of the reasons I am so fascinated with learning more about my guests, and it is one of my favorite reasons for becoming a podcaster. To me, mindset is vital because it is all about pushing yourself to think of old concepts in new ways, having braver conversations, and providing laser-focused educational insights. In the 21st century we are all craving connection and new information. 

Instead of just telling your story, the episodes in this package highlight you as an expert. They are hyper focused on your expertise with the clear intention of helping the audience to learn more about a given topic of your choice. This is perfect for experts who are looking to grow their following around a specific niche topic, or who want to be seen as an educator on a topic within the personal growth space.  

Guests pick the topic they wish for me to interview them on and we sit down for a fascinating 20-55 minute interview that allows them to present on their topic of choice. Guests who are a good fit for this package are able to provide enough content for an episode that is jam-packed with actionable tips, resources, and information without much prompting from me. The overall theme is focused on personal growth, mindset training, and self-discovery while encompassing your niche topic of choice. 

How This Opportunity Can Help Your Business

Growing a following takes a lot of work. Trust me, I know! Being featured on a prominent podcast can help you to move the needle on your business. 

Creating evergreen content is the single best way to ensure that your brand has longevity. Being seen as a credible expert on a LIVE program is fantastic for branding. Plus, the content can help you to broadcast your knowledge, and share your expertise for years to come. In fact, some of my absolute favorite podcasts from Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, and Tim Ferriss are several years old, but every bit as valuable as they were when they were first released. 

In other words, a small investment in your future today can pay huge dividends for you and your audience down the road. 

*Please note, that this option is a coveted spot on the podcast schedule, and will not be open to just anyone. Anyone interested in being spotlighted as an expert guest will need to submit an application for selection. 

Package Includes:

  • (1) LIVE video interview that is streamed to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube (which also will be shared as an evergreen post.)
  • (1) Your LIVE video interview edited and uploaded to the audio podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, etc. and shared on the podcast Facebook page.
  • (1) IG Story Post and (1) Facebook Page Post with a graphic and link to the audio version of your podcast episode. 
  • (1) Video Clip complete with Text for a comprehensive viewer experience. 
  • Downloadable mp4 Full Video, video clip, LIVE image, podcast Image and embedded audio code of your podcast for your website for you to use however you want. 
  • Keri’s brand consulting to help make sure the episode showcases you in the best possible light and provides optimized content that will engage the listener.  
  • Keep in mind that both the video and audio content will remain evergreen content on all platforms to be seen and heard for years to come!

Total Investment: $395

*Available for multiple months

Possible Bonus Add Ons:

  • (1) Video Clip Made with Text $95
  • (1) Video Clip & Posted to LinkedIn with a Written Post on Keri’s personal page $285
  • Moved towards the front of the line of production in the next available spot.  $180
  • Coming Soon: Email List sent out weekly to subscribers. 

Coming soon – content featured on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice app for the podcast that allows people to search for any content from the show! 

(Price of packages will increase by an additional $150 per episode after October 2020.)

Contact keri@thebrandingconnection.com to learn more.