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Programs & Services

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1 on 1 Consulting 

Want specific help with your brand and content strategy?  Not sure where to start or maybe you’ve had a business for awhile and it needs more clarity?  Looking to add more audio to your brand in the form of podcasting and voice, but not sure how?  Working with Keri can help you or your business bring clarity and process to your brand and content so that you can reflect what makes you great and help attract the right people.

*Pricing is based on scope of project.

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Join the Branding Connection Online Community (COMING SOON!)

If you’re more of a DIY person but love the group feel, this option may be right for you.  You’ll join a group of other action takers looking to clarify their brand and amplify what makes them great to attract the right people and opportunities.  This online community education acts as a month to month membership so that you can use it for as long or as little as you need.  The community will consist of three things:

  • Assignments created by Keri and given to you to help you clarify your brand (what makes you great), teach you how to stand out in your own unique way and how to connect with the right people to amplify your message.  Keri will also hold online teaching segments where you can ask questions as well so you never feel left behind or lost. 


  • Access to psychologists, therapists and neuroscientists.  Each month one of these mental health experts will come on with Keri and teach something about the science of personal growth, how to improve your mindset to let go of what may be holding you back and answer your questions in an online video call.


  • A positive supportive community of action takers.  Everyone in the group will be working just as hard as you to not only bring their brand to life but to help one another do the same by connecting one another to people they may know. Plus, Keri will be giving access to her connections if she feels they may help someone with what they need or where to go next. 

This community will provide the inspiration, the support plus the right education and resources to help you find what makes you great and amplify it so that you can live a life doing what you love most and spending time with the people you enjoy most. 

Pricing: $167 per month

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