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Podcast Downloads Don’t Matter, People Do

by Keri Roberts in Podcasting
August 16, 2020 0 comments
Voiced by Amazon Polly

By Keri Roberts

Downloads don’t matter.

Someone asked me yesterday which of my 450 episodes on my podcast was ranked number one in downloads.

When he asked me I knew immediately who it was. And that episode is extremely special to me because this woman I knew personally. Her name was Heather. She started out as my hairdresser when I was 10 years old. She cut my entire family‘s hair and over the years she and her boyfriend became extremely close friends of my parents and a good friend of the family.

She became a guest on my podcast after my mom encouraged her to share her story on my show. Heather had childhood cancer and throughout her adult life she dealt with a lot of health issues. For years she just wanted to be normal, but she realized it was time to face her truth to tell her story.

As she told her story, I couldn’t believe all that she had been through especially since she was the most positive, kindest person I’d ever met. 

A week later after she did her interview with me, she sent me a private message on Facebook and told me for the first time, in a long time, she felt good, like a weight had been lifted. That her being able to tell her story, even with just me listening helped her feel better. 

Last year, a year and a half after her interview, she passed away from all the health complications she had. When I heard, I couldn’t stop crying. And then my mom asked me,

“Can you send me her interview? I just want to hear her voice.”

And as I listened to it again and then sent it to my mom, I knew I needed to share. I shared it with her partner and he shared it on social media and on her funeral page. 

The comments I received from her friends and family, tears of gratitude and happiness to hear her voice once more and forever whenever they wanted to made my heart melt.

THAT is the episode that has the most downloads. An ordinary person doing extraordinary things. She wasn’t famous and her episode wasn’t monetized. The ROI wasn’t financial, it was HUMAN.

She felt lighter, more free, happier and when she passed, loved ones felt her still here.

Podcasts, voice, recorded conversations, are so much more valuable than downloads. Voices matter. Making people feel heard. Holding the space for someone, providing a moment for someone to hear their loved ones once more, THAT’s what matters.

Let’s stop focusing so much on numbers, content and ROI and realize these are real human beings. Because when you can give and care, we all win in the ways that truly matter and the right people and opportunities will come our way because of it.

If you’d like to hear her story, please listen here.

If you want to chat about humanity or share your story, please reach out to me at

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