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Our Process

Discovery Phase

This is the most important part of our work.  We take the time to craft the right questions to help gain clarity on who you are, what you want and what you stand for, what’s holding you back and where you want to go.  This is done through a written questionnaire as well as phone and or video interviews with you and some of your staff if needed.  We learn as much about you as you learn about yourself. 

Research Phase

In this phase, we focus on understanding the your current online presence, competitors, and current content.  We evaluate what’s working, what isn’t and gather all the necessary information to take the next steps. 

Defining the Brand and the Audience

Based on the discovery and research, we create a very specific and clear brand statement and defined audience.  This is then presented to you and after discussion, we come to a final agreement on brand and audience that fits. 

Plan of Action

Based on the final brand and audience clarification, we create a 90-day content marketing step-by-step plan and process for you in the forms we both decide are best.  In some cases, website suggestions are made as well and leading the creative or marketing team you have in place is also an option.  We then present the plan to you and discuss and finalize one that feels right and doable.  We also help you set up on the backend for anything you need related to your process and system.  Finally, we offer follow up calls that include feedback based on the data analytics as well as ways to improve the strategy, process and content to best fit the platforms used based on your brand, audience, goals, updates to the platform and any new work you’ve done.

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