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About Keri

Keri Roberts

I believe every single person is great at something and I believe we, ALL of us, every single human being MATTERS.

I am great at listening and noticing people, in holding the space.  I notice when someone’s upset, when someone’s alone and wants to be included, when someone has something special about them, but is unsure of how to express it. I can pull out what makes a person or company unique and help them tap into that to help them stand out.  I notice what makes someone smile, how one person cares for another and my favorite, the look someone makes when something clicks and they get an a-ha moment.

In a day and age where everyone is about speed and getting things instantly,

I am about challenging us to slow down.

Sometimes we’re rushing or simply going through the motions without actually stopping to think, is what I’m doing and being really who I am and what I want to attract? 

So I’m encouraging us to stop, breathe, enjoy, question, be and get clear.  It’s when we slow down, clarify what we want, take action to get it and live in the present moment that we feel most alive.  I want to help you feel that way as much as possible.

I also believe we all have a story that needs to be shared and that we all have the ability to be and live an extraordinary life simply by becoming more of our true unique and amazing self.  We all have the right and deserve the chance to be heard.

Branding Connection started with the podcast, Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things in 2014.

It came from the simple idea that the every day person doing and being extraordinary deserves to be heard and I wanted to give people that chance they so wanted and earned. 

Soon the podcast expanded into including psychologists and therapists to talk about the science of personal growth.  I grew tired of hearing too many “life coaches” giving biased opinions and wanted to get scientific evidence as to how we could all mentally become more extraordinary in life.

After almost 400 episodes with extraordinary people, I want to do more. For the last few years I’ve been doing one on one consulting work with clients and I will soon be creating an online community and education platform that allows the every day person looking to be and live as their best selves, to gain inspiration, get actionable steps to living an extraordinary life, access to psychologists, therapists and neuroscientists, a positive supportive community and most important, a place to be heard and know that yes, you matter.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you’ll join our community or work with me one on one.  I can’t wait to hear more about your extraordinary self.

For more resume information, please visit my LinkedIn page here and view some supplement information below.

**Featured as a thought leader in media and advertising in Forbes.

**Featured as an expert in branding and voice in Soundhound’s Voice Guide**

**The brand and content strategy and execution I did for a client landed their podcast show in the Top 8 in Voice Tech.

Notable Interviews I’ve done have included people such as:

  • Viv and Samsung Bixby Evangelist, Roger Kibbe
  • CEO of Witlingo and former Amazon Alexa Head of Product Smart Home, Ahmed Bouzid
  • President of Edison Research, Larry Rosin
  • Cisco’s Dan Stewart and Amy Hodge
  • CEO & President of the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology, Debi and Rob Maldonado
  • YouTube Celebrity, Alejandra Costello
  • President of Dale Carnegie in Central & Southern Jersey, Anita Zinsmeister
  • Plastic Surgeon and TV Celebrity (Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, Rachel Ray Show, Today Show), Dr. Anthony Youn
  • Professional Track Athlete Steven Benedict

Clients have included companies such as VOICE Summit, Edge9Media and Sweet Fish Media.